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marrying a women or sex is like buying a tiger for transportation...

i used to prey every night for a new bike, but i realized the lord doesnt work that way. so i stole one and asked him to forgive me.

i ran into someone i once dated and said "you gave me a rash" and he said, "put something on it.." and i was like.. "OK. ten bucks says it was you."

last night my boyfriend told me he was seeing another man, and i told him to rub his eyes or something.

some mornings, it just doesnt pay to gnaw through those leather straps..

i met a very hefty woman wearing a small t-shirt that said 'guess' and i said "thyroid problem?"

once i posed naked for a magazine, but it was very demeaning...and ive never been back to that news stand.

people come up to me and say "tara, do people really come up to you?"

i was married once, id always wanted an attractive, smart, older man... and he'd always wanted to be a citizen

im not a republican, but im saving up to be one.

i ran 3 miles today, then i finally said, "lady, u keep ur purse"

i once caught my husband in bed with another woman, so i told them "get off of me, both of you"

my parents always told me "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. plus it works wonderfully as a metaphor."

i learned about men the hard way, through books.

you know how when you're peeing in the toilet and it sounds like a fallen angel telling you to kill kenny g.

my parents were very protective, i couldnt even cross the sreet without them getting really excited and placing bets.

i had a very close relationship with this other kid growing up, i was his imaginary friend.

i woke up this morning with a bloody nose and thought "how did THIS get into bed with me"

if someone strikes your face, turn the other cheek. that way the swelling comes out even.

i used to be scared of attractive guys, until one day one of them confessed "tara, we are just as afraid of you..."

so im pushing this kid through the park, but she was crying... probably because i forgot the stroller.

my parents had very strict rules, they said i couldnt be in till a certin hour...


 dont think i forgot about your bday...i just didnt have phone or internet access... 


happy late birthday, lover. i miss you so much. and it is offical, i will be in michigan this spring/summer june-ish.

everything is in order. im getting my plane ticket to come home for Sept. im so ecited

all i need to do is get my license and then try and find a way to get another 50 dollars and ill be there. ill just work some more if i can find anything to do. work is so hard to find out here. it sucks. im planning on getting a car while in mi. and then driving home. so ill need to set up a ride from the air port as well.

any takers?

im sooo excited?!!1?!843974hv hoiuyre9ym98ew  


in other news. im so fucking sick of people who openly bitch about other peoples shit. it makes me sick. someone was saying some shit to me and some other people yesterday that made me sick. i dont even want to deal with it. its annoying and its fucking pathetic.

its so fucking ridiculous how something as simple as cleaning up after yourself an be so hard for some people. there is no excuse you make a mess you clean it up. if you can spend hours making a mess you can spend 5 minutes cleaning it up. i thought moving to dixon would make things easier but it seems the problems are getting worse. the other day i asked chris's mom for a broom so i could sweep and she got offended like i was saying her house was dirty. thats not at all what i was saying. her house is alot cleaner then the 2 houses i lived in before moving here. shes ridiculous.

people get themselves addicted to drugs for problems they dont even have or claim to have and then take shit from poeople and bitch about how they are sick like its someone elses fault? wtf! are you seroius. that pisses me off so bad. when ever i was or am sick if its drug or alcohol related i dont write it off like its someone elses fault or act like i cant fucking do anything. ANYTHING. at all. sure there are somethings i cant do. but those are things i cant do anyways and coundlt ever do. but i have actualy medical problems and i have real things that need medical treatment. some people dont have issuese, they just are issues. and im sick of them .i just wish they would go away. i got the most ridiculous email today and this bitch pissed me off

i hope shes reading it. just because i shot up doesnt mean im a piece of shit.  ya i was perscribed opiates and its hard to quit using them. but i was perscribed them, whats your excuse?


nice to know you

i miss you tiffany. and rob. and chris and fuck.. everyone. i know i say this all the time. but im serious now... i am planning on coming home for a month or 2 in september.

im excited.

i just need a place to go when i get there.

everythings good on my end so fr. ive been doing my thing. ive been really busy.

having panic attacks everyday. but i think my trip home will be good for me. i just need to get the money and ill be good. its like 245 round trip or something.

i saw incubus live in santa barbara on july 10th. it was AMAZING. i hate their new music.. but it was a greatest hits tour and they played all sorts of old music. it was amazing. i went with my ex, dillon. the only who looks like the lead singer of incubus. lol. all the girls who say him were like. OMG HE LOOKS LIKE BRANDON!!!! it was great. he held my hand the whole time. haha


some one help me


i just need to figure out the right words... to make it all better again

bob marley

i cant help but think that moving out to california was the best choice ive ever made.

i miss my friends. i miss what could have been. but when the chance to come out here was given i had one hour to make my choice and i just left.

just like that. it was so easy.

i cant wait to come home to visit. which will be mid july.


come visit me. because i probably miss you.

p.s. im getting dreads soon. yay.

i cant believe its been 3 years....RIP

R.I.P. Mike... tonight im having french bread pizza and lotsa beer... i misss you sooooooo much. i love you and i think about you always.   <33333333333

who are these people?

who are all these random people adding me...





p.s. everyone... stay the fuck away from methadone. it will fucking destroy your life. im not kidding. if i could right now i sware to god id end my life. this is the worst medicne a doctor could ever give a patient. and they wanted to keep me on it for the rest of my life. good fucking thing im strong enough to walk away. now i just need something lethal to end this fucking cycle that seems to never fucking stop. theres no relief. theres no end to it. i never would have taken methadone in a millon fucking years... ever. i dont know why i fucking gave in. i want this to all be over.  
excuse me while i attempt to drown myself.

jack and mitch- how are things going? i miss you guys. i cant wait for you to be back. im taking care of your fish.. well except the one that died yesterday... jk april fools. the fish are fine.  cant wait to hear from you slash see you again. you should call sometime and give us an update. manitu(spelled that wrong) misses you guys so much. she wont even let anyone near her. its sad. and she gets so excited when the door opens..and you can almost see her heart break when its not you guys.


REMEMBER WHEN .. getting HiGH meant swinging at the playgrounds? the worst thing you could get from a boy would be cooties? when your worst enemies were your siblings and race issues were about who ran fastest? when -WAR- was a card game and life was ||.simple.|| and care free? remember when all you wanted to do WAS GROW UP ?

hey... everyone


i did realize i posted that on my personal journal, i just forgot that i wanted to ask all my friends if they thought it was good and got the point across...

and i forgot to add it to a certain opiate affair people only friends group.. im sorry everyone!


but ya... umm what did you think about it?